How to Buy Equestrian Horses equestrian horses can be a daunting process particularly if you have never done it before.  We will review a few basic guidelines about horse buying that should help you to make a good decision.Let’s begin by discussing some of the positive actions you should take. Find out the horse’s birth date. You could simply ask how old the horse is but asking for a birth date might get you a more accurate answer. It shows you are expecting good information. A horse’s best years are from five to ten years old. If the rider is an inexperienced equestrian a gentle horse with a few years on him might be best.Inquire as to the gender of the animal. The heat cycle of a mare can create temperament problems so a gelding might be a better choice.If buying a registered horse is important to you be sure the seller can produce the proper documentation. If documentation is not available or does not exist the horse would be of lower value.  Requiring registration papers is a matter of personal choice.

Inquire about the horse’s height and how much he weighs.  A height of about fifteen hands measured from the ground to the withers is a good size for equestrian horses. A “hand” is four inches. The horse’s weight is less important because of the difference in body build of the various breeds.Be sure to get the history of ownership and the reason for the sale of the horse. If the horse has been sold several times he may have a bad temperament or may be ill. Do some probing to find out if this could be the case.

A Basic Guide To Equestrian Equipment

Equestrian equipment refers to gear and other items used during horse riding. These items are used for a number of reasons. There are those that are used for safety of the rider, others for the safety of the horse and other for the health and comfort of both horse and rider. Whichever the case, these kinds of equipment are very important for a healthy and comfortable ride with the horse. There are many stores that stock up horse riding equipment. These stores are available both online and in your area and depending on which method is easier for you, you can have access through both ways.Horses perform best when they are comfortable and well taken care of. This is why it is vital to get all the gear that the horses need. Saddlers for instance are very important for the well being of the horse and the rider. saddle protects the rider from the hard bump that occurs when the horse is galloping along the track especially at high speed and the horse is also protected from the direct impact as the rider is forced to move up and down due to the horse’s motion.The saddle acts as a cushion to prevent pain.Another piece of equestrian equipment is horse rugs. These are special pieces of cloth that are thrown over the back of the horse. They protect the horse from harsh weather conditions such as extreme cold temperatures and rainfall the horse is safer in the stables when they have their rug on. The rug also protects the horse during racing when they have to take a breather. The horse rider also needs equipment to help him or her stay safe when they are on horseback. Thick soled boots are essential on order to maintain a firm grip onto the stirrups.

Holding tightly onto the stirrups prevents the rider from losing grip on the reins and falling off.Horses need to be groomed for them to function optimally. This necessitates the use of very important equestrian equipment called the hoof pick. This is a grooming piece of equipment that is used to keep the hooves of the horses clean and dirt free. Hooves get uncomfortable when left to get dirty and unkempt. The hoof pick comes in very handy for any horse owner. A hoof stand from your supplier will also help you during the trimming and grooming of the horses hooves. The weight of the horse’s leg is placed on the stand making it easier for you to do a better job as you concentrate your energy on trimming and cleaning instead of holding up.

Benefits And Safety Of Riding Equestrian are taught or trained as well as ridden for practical working purposes such as in police work or for controlling herd animals on a ranch. They are also used in aggressive sports including, but not limited to, endurance riding, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, and driving. Some popular forms of competition are grouped together at horse shows, where horses perform in a wide variety of disciplines. In addition, horses are used for non-competitive recreational riding such as fox hunting and hacking. Horse riding is also an essential means of transportation in parts of the world where the landscape does not permit other means.For all this benefits of equestrian activities, have you ever been realized such ideas with reference to the leading causes of horseback riding accidents? They are often not what people think because as experienced, it is rare that speed alone is the cause of an accident. Mr. Wany’s Equestrian Ideas have just found that the following avoidable risks account for the immense majority of serious accidents.

One of this is proper matching of horse and rider. It is the most important factor in avoiding accidents since a lively, athletic horse can alarm the daylights out of a beginner and a tired old horsy can really turn off an experienced rider. If it is a matter of a riding explore, it is very important that riders should be experienced and fit enough to do the trip as it was intended to be done and the difficulty should be clearly predicted out.Another is when your horse pumps out too fast on a risky terrain or landscape. This is most likely to cause injury or much deeper damage when a fact that the horse falls especially if you are under him.

This danger would be expected to happen if such ground was covered all over with slippery mud. Along with when your horse galloped too speedy enough through tall grasses sufficient to conceal out holes.Finally, if you are enjoying your existence in this world, you have truly no reason to ride especially in a horseback one without any usage of a hard hat or safety helmets. They are not that burdensome to wear and can often prevent or soothe head injuries in falls because to tell you honestly, a head injury is usually far worse than a broken bone.